The Mountain Lions debut is the culmination of 5 years of songwriting and story-telling and the brain child of songwriter Steven Diaz. "I wanted to expose honest emotions with these songs. Some of them have to do with death, some songs focus on internal struggles, and some are simply descriptions of beautiful moments that we all may have experienced."

Steven moved to Cleveland, Ohio four years ago to join The Lighthouse and the Whaler. After touring with the band for 3 years, Steven realized that he had his own story to tell. He began devoting himself to writing songs with a new emotional awareness. "We are constantly discovering ourselves through good times and bad. These songs pull deeply from those emerging experiences."

In 2016, Steven packed up and headed to the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. As Steven continues to write and produce from his home studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, he is always thinking about ways to share the wisdom of the mountains down in the valleys.


"A friend once told me that a good song allows people to feel an emotion that they otherwise may not know how to express. It opens a window for them to feel something and belong."